I hit the ground running – a must see, currently showing at the Baxter

photo-2This is your chance to see what happens when the best of Swedish and South African talent come together to create pure stage magic…

I Hit the Ground Running, is a 1st time collaboration between Scenkonst Sörmland (a Swedish organisation for the performing arts, covering music, theatre, dance & film) and our very own Baxter Theatre.

It is an incredible contemporary dance and music performance piece featuring 5 South African dancers under the direction of South African choreographer, Ananda Fuchs, as well as 5 Swedish musicians playing music by Swedish composer Tebogo Monnakgotla (you might have noticed that her name sounds pretty South African – that’s because her father is actually an apartheid refugee who relocated to Sweden back in 1964 – just an interesting little side bar there).

The piece depicts the global economy, its effects on the individual and the power, terror and complexity that goes along with economic growth.

Now you might be going:  What does all of that mean?  And how does it relate to a dance piece??  I certainly did…  But it’s actually really, really interesting how they did the research for this piece.

Two groups of unemployed people, one from Eskilstuna in Sweden and the other from Cape Town, worked together during a two week period along with Ananda and Tebogo. They read various economic research reports, papers, articles and chapters, took the terms & theories highlighted and examined them in a series of workshops.

Experiences, opinions, thoughts and feelings relating to economic growth were then put into words, pictures, movements and even sounds, and the material generated by these two reference groups was then used to create the dance choreography & accompanying music of I Hit the Ground Running.

Pretty cool hey?

Leilah Kirsten Andile Vellem Grant van Ster Berniece Valentine Shaun Oelf in I Hit the Ground Running pic by Oscar o' Ryan (2)

The five amazing dancers, from left to right: Leilah Kirsten, Andile Vellem, Grant van Ster, Bernice Valentine & Shaun Oelf **


Top: all the dancers on stage; Bottom left: Stage design by Marcel Meyer and lighting by Benever Arendse; Bottom right: Grant van Ster**

This joint venture between Scenkonst Sörmland and the Baxter is actually the kick off of a three-year project during which the goal will be to create and develop new and different work each year.  And after it’s premier here in Cape Town, I Hit the Ground Running will also be embarking on a national tour of Sweden.

I was lucky enough to see their opening night performance this past Thursday and I was absolutely blown away.  It had me totally captivated from beginning to end and I just know you guys will love it too…

With that, let’s move on to all the important details to take note of:

  • When?  One week only from 29 Aug to 7 Sep at 7:30pm nightly (but I see there’s also some matinee options)
  • Where?  Baxter Flipside
  • How much?  Tickets cost only R80 and are available through Computicket over here.  And trust me, R80 for this intense 45min dance performance, is ridiculously affordable.

Show some support for this group of extremely talented artists and book those tickets now!


** Photos provided by Baxter Theatre Centre